It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

As I slowly get prepared to take on this day I can’t help but think through all I need to do and all I actually don’t need to do thanks to you.  Tomorrow I leave for Chicago to begin prep for the stem cell mobilization 2/9 (getting my stem cells psyched about leaving my body) and harvest 2/19 (when they are actually taken from my body).  People, like you all, are jumping in and doing for me things I didn’t even know I needed done.

As I have been getting ready for this process I have lost count of folks who have offered help.

Financial: We are blessed with a great job (Rocky) and an outstanding business (Betsy and Rocky) but the costs for curing my Scleroderma are steep and many.  Setting up a second house, having someone stay at our home here in Colorado while gone, all the co-pay’s, all the travel, all the extras, well it just adds up. We have spent over $5,000 to date just to get to this point and expect when all is said and done, even with the amazing support we have, it will cost us well over 25K.  Some of you have offered financial support and thanks to my great friend Marla there is a go fund me page (here) people have donated to.  Those fund will help to pay for the out of pocket expenses that we are facing and have faced so far.  Because there is no way anyone can buy me dinner,  visit me when I am in isolation, or send flowers (I cannot have them around me due to germs) so the $ is a true gift of love that I can use and be/am thankful for.

I have had people call and offer their blood and/or stem cells.  One amazing lady said tell me where and I’ll go get tested to see if you can use hers.  How self-less is that? That call still makes me tear up knowing the level of love and care she feels for me.

The boxes of items from my cousin and her church ladies have been wonderful and totally fun and kind.  A prayer shawl, more prayer cards then knew they made, crosses (some hand made) beads, coins, charms and all sorts of items have really overwhelmed me at times.  There is so much love in those boxes.  Thank you.

Recently, one of my good friends here in Fort Collins. took the gift of a scarf to the local priests and had it blessed.  It comes with scripture and love and I will be bringing it with me to Chicago as well. Almost need a separate suitcase for the gifts folks.

Finally, I know in churches, living rooms and mediation spaces all over the country you are lighting candles, saying prayers and sending healing wishes my way.  I want to say don’t stop.  Please keep those going.  I believe in each and everyone of them.  The disease I am riding my body is strong, very strong but you all and my faith are stronger.





Thinking about how much I love you and how brave you have been, are being, and will doubtless continue to be. It warms my heart to know that you have so much support both from your comrades with this terrible illness and from the friends you’ve made through a lifetime of just being Betsy. I have faith you will stay strong when you must and allow yourself to be vulnerable when it’s safe and comfortable. Keep up your admirable fight and please continue to keep us all aprised. I am honored to know you, you absolute boss of a woman!

I just want you to know the kiddos and I are praying for you and Rocky every day and I am thinking of you. This week you have a lot going on and your strength in handling all that you are going through is admirable and a testament to who you are. “Some women fear the fire, and some women become it.” You are the fire! Sending love and prayers.

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