Laughing while NOT on vacation

Laughing while NOT on vacation

So today was a super interesting day.  I woke up in a beautiful condo a friend is letting us use in the “south loop” of downtown Chicago.  It has everything we need and most of what we  would want.  The view is amazing!  The space and privacy is a welcome gift.  We arrived to food galore from a friend to make sure we were stocked.

It feels like vacation……

But it’s not.

Today was a lab visit for 17 tubs of blood.  Instead of getting upset about the number of tubs I thought, how cool will take a picture to post to all of you.   Then it was off to the x-ray team to look at my lungs.  You see before they give me a massive amount of chemo on Friday they must make sure I am not sick.  Because well that would suck. Getting the chemo on top of an illness will be horrific and way more drama then anyone wants starting with me.

Isn’t this mask awesome? Love the flowers.

Once we were done at Northwestern Medical in downtown I just needed to walk.  Get fresh air.  You see I am wearing one of those awesome flowered cotton masks every minute I am in the medical center.  There are sick people there and I can not catch anything or else….  Once outside I take the mask off and breath in the city cold crisp air.

It was off to some shopping then drop things to the condo and chill til dinner at a clients a few blocks away.  Wonderful time eating pizza with my hub and then a quick meeting with new friends to put my perspective glasses on and back to the condo.

My favorite part of the evening comes at tubby time.  Just like a 4 year old I love being in water.  Maybe it was because for almost a year it was the ONLY place I could move my hands/fingers without pain? Or maybe because it makes me feel safe and comforted? Or maybe because it is a place for only me and the world goes away?  Who knows all I know is there is the best tubby ever here and I get to use it.

Gratitude for the simple things will get me through this I just know it.  That’s all today.  Tomorrow brings one more standard appointment (a vein check whatever that is) and then I get to see Dr. Richard Burt.  My transplant doc.  He’s the one who started this miracle process a few years back and hopefully he will tell me medically all systems are still go.




Dear Warrior Woman,
Thank you for welcoming us on your journey! While you fill us with your strength, hope and faith we channel our love, light and healing prayers to you. Your sacred space is being held in a circle of friends here and beyond.

So many of us will continue to pray and hope for a successful stem cell transplant. You just need to concentrate on your recovery. You are so blessed to have so many friends that love you including me ,💕💕🙏🙏

Thanks you my friend. Hope you read my post about how I found out about this even being an option. It was all god using YOU.

Vein check: my guess is the PICC team will come shine bright light on your arm and get a look at possibilities for your future PICC line. Just a guess.

Vein check is to make sure they can pull my blood for 4-6 hours, separate out stem cells and pump whats left back into me. They will be using my neck. Arm veins are not strong enough. OK next

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