Sample Q&A

Q: How is this book relevant to a reader who hasn’t experienced chronic illness?

A: This story isn’t just about my chronic illness. It’s about finding strength in yourself and fostering a support system to overcome any challenge. While battling scleroderma is a central theme, I believe that everyone has their own barriers to overcome. It is my desire that the reader integrates some or all of the ten spiritual principles that I cover into their business and life. I am living proof that by doing so, your world will open up to new possibilities you may have never dreamed of before. New opportunities, new mentors, and new ideas will flow into your life at the precise time you need them. You get back what you put out there. By allowing these principles to guide you, your life can be full and more abundant, setting you on a path to become unstoppable.

Q: Why is this topic important to you, personally?

A: When my life landed in the gutter because of addiction and alcoholism in my late teens, bringing me to the brink of death, my strength and desperation led me to seek help and allow others to pull me out. When life threw me a huge curve-ball with scleroderma, an often-fatal progressive auto-immune disease, my strength and that will to live I learned from becoming sober allowed me to beat the odds with this miserable disease. When I started a new business following a recession, my strength and desire to succeed pushed me through 16-hour work days to get the company off the ground. Through passion and a set of ten spiritual principles I learned during my young adult years,  taught me anything is possible. Whether it was letting go of alcohol and drugs, fighting a disease that wanted me dead, or starting a new business, these principles worked in all these areas.

Q: How will reading your book change the minds, hearts, and lives of readers?

A: Through my story and experiences, I want to inspire others with an idea or passion to know that they too can do and become anything they want, to build a business, to overcome challenges, and to never give up. I have experienced first-hand the amazing opportunities that appear when staying open to all the possibilities. My intention is to provide hope, strength, and other tools to help on your journey. I am not here to tell anyone what to do because we all travel our own unique paths to success. But, I do hope by sharing my story, while holding nothing back, it will inspire you to be strong in your challenges and pursue your own unique dreams in your one precious life as well.

Q:  What key takeaways do you hope readers find in your book?

A: Life can be messy. Sometimes we make bad choices, which can lead to challenges. Other times, like with my scleroderma diagnosis, things happen to us that are out of our control. Regardless of how we got there, we have to be able to navigate through the undesirable circumstances. My hope is to pass along tools that I have discovered to be happier, less stressed, and able to work through situations easier. I’ve framed questions to guide the reader’s personal journey. Acknowledging that all problems won’t disappear, I want my readers to be able to cope better.