Betsy Craig | entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author of unstoppable

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"I've known Betsy for years and have always been impressed with her optimism and belief that anything is possible."
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Who is betsy?

Betsy Craig is a successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker.

But this wasn’t always the case…

Betsy’s journey began when she got sober at the age of 20, after years of alcohol and drug abuse, then beat the odds against the autoimmune disease scleroderma that wanted her dead. Now she’s a successful speaker, author, and the CEO of her own million-dollar company, MenuTrinfo, LLC.

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"I was in one of Betsy’s first Unstoppable talks and to put it mildly it made me feel differently about my challenges as a result. Great speaker, story teller and CEO. I could have sat there and listened all day."
Thérèsa G.
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"I was inspired, touched, and encouraged. So in awe of what Betsy has gone through and her steely determination to keep going through life’s difficult times. What an inspiration and a person to admire that when life has had very difficult times what you do to conquer and plow through to great success."
Ann Baron
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This book challenges the minds, hearts and lives of the readers.

Betsy’s story provides hope, strength and tools to inspire you to be strong in your challenges and pursue you own unique in your one precious life.

“An autobiographical reflection that’s more consistently inspiring than informative.”


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Betsy Craig | entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author of unstoppable