Hire to Inspire

Keynote at the Fort Collins Business Appreciation Breakfast September 25, 2019

Yesterday heard Betsy Kleinke Craig share about her life and business at the Fort Collins Business Appreciation Breakfast. I was inspired, touched, and encouraged. So in awe of what Betsy has gone through and her steely determination to keep going through life’s difficult times. What an inspiration and a person to admire that when life has had very difficult times what you do to conquer and plow through to great success.

Ann Baron

Well done Betsy

Nick Armstrong

Betsy Kleinke Craig is not only a good friend, but an inspiration. Her survival story from 12 to 18 months to live to where she is now is unbelievable. She challenges us to get off our ass and chase our passion. She gave a gutsy, emotional, candid keynote at the City of Fort Collins Business Appreciation breakfast and brought the house down. Highly recommend her new book, Unstoppable, because it details Betsy’s struggle through the debilitating disease, Scleroderma, to highly successful business owner, nutrition and allergy subject matter expert, and national speaker.

Marge Corcoran

A returning featured speaker at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference know as FABlogcom – November 2018, Denver CO

“Having Betsy share her heart leaves you feeling changed.” Lisa O

I was in one of Betsy’s first Unstoppable talks and to put it mildly it made me feel differently about my challenges as a result. Great speaker, story teller and CEO. I could have sat there and listened all day.” Thérèsa G.