Timeline for Betsy

Timeline for Betsy

Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) Steps

Steps Completed to Date:

Once I found out that SCT could possibly help me lose my Scleroderma for good I…

  1. got a referral from my main Scleroderma Doc in Denver,
  2. did a phone interview with Carol at Northwestern Medical (NwM) and was asked to send paperwork on medical records for a paper review
  3. Sent paper and passed the paper review as a good potential for the still very experimental treatment,
  4. Flew to Chicago for a week of in person tests, procedures and meetings (tons of fun!)
  5. Accepted into the study and invited to become a stem cell transplant patient using my own stem cells
  6. Make plans to go to Chicago for the procedure in 2 steps:
My SCT will be in two very distinct parts.

Step 1 February

Monday – Thursday Feb 5-8, 2018 Go to Chicago for tests, appointments and final meeting with the SCT doctor, Dr. Burt.  Also, must make sure I am any kind of illness, infection, cold or any sort of sickness free 100%

MOBILIZATION: Friday Feb 9th Get admitted to hospital overnight to receive a massive dose of chemo and stay until OK to leave the next day, Saturday Feb 10th

Saturday Feb 10th to Tuesday Feb 13th recover from the chemo.

Wednesday Feb 14th to Sunday Feb 19th Medication to build up the stem cells in my body

HARVEST stem cells on Monday Feb 20th – through vein in neck they will

  1. Take out some (not all) of my blood
  2. Separate out my stem cells
  3. Give me back my blood minus the stem cells
  4. Take my sweet precious stem cells and put them in a deep freeze until transplant day
  5. Let me go back home to Colorado to recover, rest and be good to myself

NOTE:  The Chemo on Feb 9th is supposed to be strong enough to cause me to lose my hair. (I won’t freak if you won’t) but you are MOST welcome to send a hat my way

Betsy Craig c/o MenuTrinfo, LLC 155 N. College Ave. Suite 200, Ft Collins, CO 80524

Step 2 April

If fully healthy, no sore throat, no bugs, no sneezing, no colds, I am not sick in any way then…

Wednesday Thursday April 3rd Go to Chicago and acquire a PIC line for treatment.

Thursday April 4th (Day – 5) check into Northwestern Medical Center and begin the countdown to stem cell transplant with 5 days in a row of seriously nasty chemo.  The point is to get my immune system to as close to zero as possible while still leaving a small amount in case for some reason my stem cells can’t be returned to me.  (This is crazy highly unlikely)

Friday April 5 – Monday April 9 (Days – 4 to Day – 1) to get me close to zero on immune system.

TRANSPLANT DAY Tuesday April 10th I get my stem cells back.

Wednesday April 11th to April 25th or longer ?????

I get to start to rebuild my immune system making it strong enough to go home.  Then when home I must rest, recover and not be anywhere near anyone who is in any way shape or form sick.  This can cost me my life and where folks perish so no kidding.

Note:  I am waiting through March because my doctor will not be in the US to do the second step in March, so I wait.

My stem cells can stay frozen and fine for a long time so 5+ weeks is no biggie

Yes, I am scared but as a recent angel used to say “My Faith Outweighs My Fear”.

No plants, flowers, raw veggies, fruit, no food un cooked, this is a seriously dangerous time.

When all is said and done I will no longer have the disease Scleroderma.  That will also stop the damage to my heart and lungs Scleroderma is causing.  My future will look so bright I will need to wear shades J  No doubt.


Wow, you always were and continue to be my hero! I am amazed at all that you are willing to do to be the best version of yourself that you can be. I am sending white healing light and love daily.

Betsy….I am in awe of your courage, but also know what a strong woman you are. I pray each day for your continued strength and courage to move forward to your best possible health. (((hugs)))

You are one brave and strong lady… You will get through this and be free of this horrible illiness you have been fighting and be brand new and Scleroderma free.. Our love and many, many prayers will be with you daily Betsy.. We love you…

You are one brave and strong lady… You will get through this and be free of this horrible illiness you have been fighting and be brand new and Scleroderma free.. Our love and many, many prayers will be with you daily Betsy.. We love you…

You will be in our hearts and prayers throughout these steps. I am with you and truly believe that faith outweighs fear. You will get to prove that to so many!

Prayers & good juju coming your way. No doubt, a bright future. Hell, it’s been pretty bright up to this point! I can’t even imagine the tremendous journeys the future holds! XOXO

God has you in the palm of his hand, and the terror of the path you summarized will ultimately be beautiful. You’re Spirit is powerful…and that’s why you will succeed ❤️

Betsy, I am so very happy for you! As you know I was rejected for STC so I love that you are sharing everything step by step. I love your positivity and courage. Please lean on all of us for the prayers and strength to bring you through the tough days, celebrate the baby steps and REJOICE with your success!!!! ❤️🙏💪😷🧢👒💃

The Devil whispers to the Warrior and says, “You cannot withstand the storm.” The Warrior looks into the eyes of the devil and replies back, “I am the storm!”

You’ve got this Betsy because you’re just that damn strong………and you’ve got some pretty badass people that have your back!

LOL You rock Tim and Family simple rock! Look forward to seeing you again maybe next summer when I can be around people without worry of illness. XOXO

It is funny how when we are young and around so many wonderful people that we are oblivious to the the true soldiers they will become. This is a serious battle but I know you have what it takes Betsy to come out the victor !
Continued prayers for a bearable fight and fully positive outcome 🙏🏻🧡🙌🏻

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