All Systems Are Go

All Systems Are Go

The week has been spent here in Chicago getting all the boxes checked before I report to begin phase one of this stem cell transplant.  Making sure I am completely healthy and that my body systems can handle the stress they need to do to it to begin.   I passed.  We are a go for launch as they say at NASA.

Wednesday of this week got the final thumbs up from Dr. Burt.  He answered all my questions, listened to my final concerns and basically we are ready.  Rocky and I celebrated this by heading to a great Chicago restaurant called Topo Gigio.  See a few pics of the place/food:

Grilled Calamari
Cracked Pasts (Amazing)






Got to enjoy one more day of great food, friends and love on Thursday of week one.  Had my amazing friend, Marla and her wonderful husband Stephen braved the approaching blizzard to pick us up and head to dinner.

After so many trips and meals at fancy places, I was asking for a simple, wonderful, old school, traditional  deli.  I got that in Manny’s. Here is a wonderful write up about Manny’s from the Chicago Tribune.  A true Chicago  landmark and legend. 


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