Trust to My Toes

Trust to My Toes

Each year for the last few years of my life I have picked a word to represent the year.  It sort of happens magically.  Some point in December I get a clear intuitive message that the next year will be about …… and then a specific word comes to me.  In 2017 the word was JOY.  I say it clearly and really was amazed at how joy showed up in places when I least expected or was looking for it. 

2014 was gratitude.  That was the first year I did a facebook Gratitude post daily and just that act of focusing on gratitude, finding a reason to post publicly about it through the magic of facebook made it a year filled with gratitude beyond anything I could have imagines.  There was something so powerful about that simple daily act.  Publicly putting it all out there to hold myself accountable for the frame of reference mind change.

2018 has already been all about my word for the year.  That word is Trust. I must trust, I must take trust to an entirely different level.  I must have trust in the entire process and that trust shows up for me in actions of faith.  Years ago I heard that faith is believing that someone can walk a cross a tightrope extended 30 feet off the ground.  I can have faith that they will make it from one side to the other safely without falling.  TRUST is agreeing to get in a wheelbarrow that same person is pushing across that tightrope.  I am trusting, hoping into the wheelbarrow and going for the ride of my life.

This morning I am off to Northwestern Hospital to allow them to begin this amazing Stem Cell Transplant.  You see part on is “mobilization”.  Got to get the stem cells, from my bone marrow through my blood, to get a moving.  This is a chemistry set type action that I am in awe of.  I may also be pissed about in a few hours but in the calm before the storm, in the 4AM quiet I am awestruck.

The city sleeps and is experiencing what they are calling a blizzard thanks to snow.  I am wide awake feeling beyond grateful that I can do this procedure, I qualify, that my health insurance is paying, that I am strong enough and that I have enough trust in all around me to go for it.

Here goes everything and I can hardly wait.  Bring on Phase 1!


Thank you for sharing your journey of faith and trust. I am sending you positive thoughts. Your strength and spirit will carry you to a wonderful outcome. Your words are motivating all of us to believe in the wonders and powers that are out of our hands.

My heart and soul are with you in spirit as you walk this road. Praying for your strength to endure the pain that may come with it, as well as, praying for the joy of success when you achieve the goal you’re striving for and deserve. Love and hugs

Hey lady..keeping you in my thoughts and prayers along your journey! Also keeping everyone involved in your treatment prayed for. Hoping for strength and courage (which i know you have😊) to get trough your journey! Still remember when we met in California what a wonderful fun time we get this behind you and promise to meet again to talk , laugh and renew our friendship!! Love and hugs

Words cannot express what you are going through. However, My faith in that power tells me that you will be blessed by the strength and trust you have in that power greater than ourselves. Love you, 🙏🏼❤️

Betsy, you’ve literally been on my mind all day since opening my eyes. I just got a chance to catch up here and please know how deeply I’m praying, hoping, loving, & cheering you on here. Love being able to log on and read your updates, thank you for being you. I love you friend. Praise Rocky & his ability to be there giving full support; please give him our love too. Hugs 🤗

Love you lady. Thanks for the prayers. I am blessed beyond measure with all the support form all areas and walks of my life. Love back to you my friend. Rain check on lunch I am back for all of March til April transplant.

What an amazing way to start your new year, new word = new focus! Thank you for sharing a new way to look at things.

I send you strength and healing vibes on your journey! 💕

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