Fatigue Like No Other

Fatigue Like No Other

You know you have drebilitating fatigue when:

  • You choose to wear yesterday’s clothes because they passed the sniff test and you can’t possibly add another item to your laundry. If you did that you’d have to carry it, wash it, dry it, and put it away. It’s all too much.
  • Your arms feel disconnected and heavy as if they belong to someone other than yourself and your legs, you’re quite certain, have been glued to the floor.
  • You once loved to read but now the hardback books have become too heavy and paperback books have to be held open. It’s all too much to bear. You find yourself lying in front of the TV, mindlessly changing channels.
  • When you try to read for an extended period of time, your eyelids develop a confounding weight and close when you least expect it. They close like broken garage doors as they slam shut despite your best efforts to hold them open.
  • When you awaken each morning you do a double take when looking at your clock. It couldn’t possibly be that late, could it? You lie there and put yourself through a period of orientation. What day is it? What was I going to do today? Am I supposed to be anywhere right now? Can I go one more day without taking a bath.
  • As the day progresses you feel like you’re slogging through deep sand.
  • If you’re at work you sit at your desk staring into space, miss meetings, and discover you don’t care.
  • When dinner arrives and you finally manage to cook it, or even order it at a restaurant you stare at your entrée. You realize you don’t feel like cutting up your steak, chop or anything else that requires a knife. Then, worse yet, you decide you not only cannot cut it but you wish someone else would chew your food for you. You want your mother to reappear and put butter on your bread. You finally take a bite or two then shove it aside, uncaring, unfulfilled.
  • Certain foods like popcorn become too much trouble to get to your mouth and chew. You find all that cheerful crunch too irritating and artichokes, corn on the cob, and salads become far too much trouble due to all that picking and chewing. They are far too much work for so little reward.

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