So every hospital has great and amazing staff I am sure but no other place has the top shelf, better then I have ever seen, on top of their game folks like Northwestern Medicine.  From the awesome top doc, Dr Burt all the way up to the folks who make the stay manageable in Awesome Alshleey I have been blown away and just simply blessed by Gods grace in these folks hands.

Ahsleey, (shown in the picture to the left with her permission) let me pose for a snap as she made her work a blessing for me in the form of a smile, a clean room and always having a smile in her voice, words and willingness to assist with the cleanliness of the room.  I am blown away by her support.  Simple tasks you may say but man is it different when they are done with clear pride and love for her mission.  Her mission was to make me more comfortable and did she ever.

The nursing staff her blew my mind.  Pictured are two of the many amazing nurses that cared for me as if I was family.  Blanca, on the left of me and Lori on the right here I am happoy in the middle of these two.  These ladies and many others just like them can get you through anything.  They have it.  Done and done.  That’s the confidence anyone would want and I found it bedside on Day 0 and day 1 with these two.

Often I say that my God shows up with skin when we meet and interact.  I can see my faith through your eyes.  I do not have the ability to flip the glasses and see into me except on how I am reflected by you.  My image and attitude was shown to me in true loving colors at every turn since I first connected this amazing establishment.  These professionals are just the tip of the iceberg.

The last two days I have had the pleasure of the company of a true young professional, Emma.  Emma is passionate about her work, love love love what she does and never ever made me feel anything but her total #1 priority.  She explained everything I asked about even when I asked the same thing a few times thanks to chemo brain my mind was having trouble remembering.  I have questions.  Those that know me know I am a curious sort.  Emma answered questions, shared information, encouraged me to stay positive, gave me hope, care and love through all of her actions.

Right now I am sad I might not be here through next Friday night, her next night working.  I want every positive outcome for this young ladies career.  I also look forward to when our paths cross once again.  I just know they will.


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