Day 1 of Chemo

Day 1 of Chemo

The debate has begun about really important stuff…..Is it count down to stem cell day, count up to stem cell days, count all the days going forward or go backwards?   No idea all I know is I am here, in the hospital waiting for the first dose of chemo to begin.  Today is my first day of what is to be 5 days in a row of the chemo therapy.

FYI No living things like flowers or plants but love is welcome.

My mailing address for those that asked is:

NM Prentice Woman’s Hospital

Elizabeth McGrath Craig

Room #1672

250 E Superior Street

Chicago, IL 60611


So now the treatment begins and the waiting is over.  I am actually finally beginning to believe this will happen.

PICC line was put in place to make all deposits and withdrawals a ton easier!


Its the simple things in life I am thankful for.  This PICC line for sure is one of them.


Thank you for all your love and support.  I could not do any of this without you!




My love and support go without saying. You are really doing this girl! Woohoo! Ok, I’m nervous but so excited….❤️

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