Day 3 of Chemo

Day 3 of Chemo

This is the third day I’m receiving chemo, along with other stuff to make the chemo more tolerable.

For any of you medical folks or those who have ever needed steroids, let me just tell you my daily gift of steroids is now up to 1000 milligrams.  Guaranteed to rock anyone’s world at that rate!

Sometimes I wonder if the drugs to get you ready are worse than the actual chemo itself!

As we were doing daily laps (because they like to see us moving around) Rocky and I stopped in the visitor room and caught a glimpse of a familiar name on the wall.  An artist from Ft. Collins has their painting there, along with a plaque identifying the artist and her home town of Ft Collins, CO.  It’s a small world after all, isn’t it?









Today’s silver lining in all this is I get to have a visit with my daughter, Victoria, and each moment spent with her is a gift.

Thank you all for the love, prayers and messages.





You’re such in inspiration….. today I will be singing a cantata with my choral group in Fenwick. I am offering it up in your honor. Keep being strong. Love you.

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