The Miracle of Harvest Day

The Miracle of Harvest Day

Monday February 19, 2018

The day began at 6AM with me waking up so super excited I could hardly contain it.  I am so ready for stem cell harvest day.  So we began today the same as the last 5 days, shots to keep those stem cells hopping.   Rocky did an amazing job each day of administering the shots carefully, completely and with the most love ever!  Rocky Rocks!

Then its pack and off the our new favorite Chicago location, Northwestern Medical center.  Truthfully these folks are amazing.  

Packed up my bag like I’m off to camp for the day. Great stuff thanks to great freinds

Top shelf care all the way. One person nicer then the next. 

First its blood work to make sure all my numbers are good enough to donate my own stem cells back to me.  The ups and downs the last two weeks of all these medications have made me a science project changing white blood counts, hemoglobin, platelets, red blood cells and so much more.  You see everything has to be perfect or else they need to add something or take something away to get me ready.  Here’s the bottom line…..I was perfect as I was. 

Next it’s time to get a catheter put in my neck to take and receive blood.  I think I’ll skip a super close up pic but it is cool as anything!!!!! It has there ports, an “inie” an “outie” and an extra.   Blood coming and going.  turns out the clean through the entire volume of my body’s blood 3 times.  (hope that doesn’t gross anyone out.  I still thinks its amazing)

Not my prettiest Picture but you can see my connections sticking out of me. They made today so much more manageable.

Mainly today was spent in a recliner hooked up to a machine for 5+ hours letting medical science do its deal.  Amazing care by my wonderful partner in all things Rocky.  Here he is giving me a foot rub to sooth away stress.  Netflix entertains, Facebook makes me feel connected. and ALL I can do is count my blessings.  I am so flipping lucky!

Loved beyond measure. Spoiled beyond reason.

So they need at least 2 million stem cells.  Looks like I have produced those and then a whole lot more!  The are thinking over 10 million.  I will get the final number later tonight and that number is 21 million +.  Then they will take out the catheter and let me leave.  I can leave the medical center and Chicago.  We will  actually leave tomorrow.

A few things were discovered.  I am as of right now this minute no longer immune- compromised.  My blood shows my blood counts better then when I was here to be tested in October.  That is a HUGE relief to me.  They say for me to live my life like normal until I come back here in April.  That I am no more vulnerable then the next person. I sure am way more blessed.

I am standing and rocking this harvest with Gods and all of your help.

Stay as healthy as possible but if I get sick before I come back I need to get well before starting the transplant. We return to Colorado tomorrow night and will live the next 5 weeks with care until I get to return for part 2 of this cool process.  Did I tell you how cool I think this is?

Thank you all for your love, your encouraging words, your messages.  I can not imagine how someone goes through this without a tribe. You are mine!

And that’s a wrap!!!!!
That bag hanging up there on the top left of the picture has 21 million + stem cells in there to get rid of my Scleroderma in April.


So happy to read this! Your mental attitude is a huge part of the success and God has your back. Super proud of you and can’t wait to give you a hug this week! 🤗🙏❤️

Wow Betsy! You walk through this with such Grace, positivity, strength , gratitude and much more things! This is amazing. So grateful you have Rocky! You are right, Rocky rocks! See you soon. Love Bott

Betsy, I do not have enough words to tell you how overjoyed I am for you. 21+ million cells. Thst’s Huge!!!! They could potentially freeze some for later use if they would need to, but they won’t… I just know they won’t. Safe travels home, and live a life promised beyond your wildest dreams. Love and hugs❤️🤗

Not sure which is more amazing – that science has figured this out or that you, warrior woman, pioneer and all around incredible person has shown us all how to take charge (with God’s help) and do anything we want to do! Hugs!!!!

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