Book Launch, Here we Go!

Book Launch, Here we Go!

I am standing at the edge just before the book gets officially launched tomorrow June 5, 2018.  How did that happen?  Does anyone know?  You see 14 months ago I thought OK, it’s time to finally write this book.  Time to share how I didn’t die and started to live differently as a result.  My life changed and as a result I now get to change others lives.

The book I wrote outlines 10 principles I used to fight Scleroderma, learned thought out my life and now have applied to business.  Story being, it has been hard but worth it and now look at the impact that can be had.  See how after a short period of time and a lot of strength from within and without anything is possible.

Do you know you too can do anything you set your mind to?  I know you can.  I have seen unbelievable things and stories unfold right before my eyes.  One of the coolest and most rewarding things has been to watch those things happen for so many others. This is all great but for me I have found I must stay awake and not just to focus on my belly button but to look outward to others.  Where am I helping, where am I being of service?  What more can I or should I do?


This stems from a core belief in me that I am now here on this planet with all of you to be of service.  To help others.  Truthfully it is by far the brightest spot of my life these days.  To watch a child smile, see a friend show relief when they know someone believes in them with all their heart and that someone can and is me.  I was thinking I am going to imagine a future because I simply love to future trip in my head why not future trip to the positive?  Takes the same amount of energy to predict an outcome.  Doing the positive simply makes my now so much nicer.

So as I wait for my words to show up on tablets, inboxes and packages at your doors I am humbled that you allow me into your head, heart and to spend some time along with me.  We are on this journey together and I am the blessed one to be with you.

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Betsy – You are unstoppable and inspirational. No matter what life throws our way – we can all look through the looking glass of life in a new way. Lessons that I’ve learned along the way:
* Be curious
* Be humble
* Be grateful
* Be kind to yourself and others
Plus, I’d like to add:
* Be unstoppable
Thank you for sharing the gift of your journey.

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