Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

In the last almost 18 months since I was given my Stem Cell transplant I am simply in awe of the “journey”. Today, as I dare myself to slow down long enough to reflect my heart is drawn back here to share or at least begin to share the massive part I believe Gratitude has had in it all.

Back in 1985 I was given the cute little phrase, have an attitude of gratitude. If I look at the glass as half full and not half empty I will enjoy each day so much better. Jaded as I was about this prospect I still none the less learned how to look at things as blessings. Some days/years much more so than others.

When I turned up sick in 2004 having an attitude of Gratitude took on a whole different meaning. I could and did feel better when I looked at the brighter side of things. Always. It was uncanny because by nature I was not that way at all. Retraining my brain made it so. Seeing the silver lining changed my clouds.

In week 53 of two years of chemo I insisted on thinking I was almost done making it seem not so daunting. Having an extended hospital stay for stem cell, I kept thinking to myself and saying that I was thankful for everything I could think of. The doctors, the nurses, all the medical supplies that kept me germ free and on and on. You see when sick its easy to have lots of things to be grateful for if that’s the way I choose to look.

Sick is also so HARD. It was harder for me when I was picking on everything and easier by far when I was not.

That lesson and mission for my attitude can slip from time to time today. You see my life no longer depends on looking on the “bright side” as it once did. How quickly in the grand timeline of my life I let it slip. Today I will focus on the positive. Stay Grateful. Remember what a true miracle each pain-free, able to breath, above ground day truly truly is.

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