Waiting for April

Waiting for April

So it looks like March is all about waiting, preparing and practicing my faith walk through the hall way that leads to Chicago for April.

Reminder of next steps:

Tuesday, April 3rd We are back in Chicago and I get to acquire a PIC line for treatment.

Wednesday April 4th (Day – 5) check into Prentice Women’s Hospital at Northwestern and begin the countdown to stem cell transplant with 5 days in a row of seriously nasty chemo.  The point is to get my immune system to as close to zero as possible while still leaving a small amount in case for some reason my stem cells can’t be returned to me.  (This is crazy highly unlikely)

Thursday April 5 – Monday April 9 (Days – 4 to Day – 1) to get me close to zero on immune system.

TRANSPLANT DAY Tuesday April 10th I get my stem cells back. and many call this day my new Birthday.  It is actually my 1/2 Birthday.

Wednesday April 11th to April 21th or longer ?????

I get to start to rebuild my immune system making it strong enough to go home.  Then when home I must rest, recover and NOT be anywhere near anyone who is in any way shape or form sick.  This can cost me my life and where folks perish so no kidding.

This past Friday I was honored and lucky enough to celebrate 15 years of marriage with my husband.  Get to walk through all this with him at my side.  Amazing.

Until April 3rd I get to hang out, see folks, work some, rest plenty and enjoy this one precious life.  So many of you have sent me gifts and love.  I am blown away by all of it.

Here’s a pic of one of the great head covers I received, this one from Lee and Walt, Thanks you two.

I am trying to get all the Thank You Notes out and hope I don’t forget anyone’s kindness or generosity.  Please know I am bless beyond words and description thanks to so many of you.




Wow, thanks for the update. Your spirit and tenacity are so greatly appreciated and a wonderful example of Grace.

Betsy, You’re an inspiration for determination to get it done and seeing it through to the end. Many would give up, but you haven’t and won’t. God is blessing you with a new life because He has great plans for you……you will be unstoppable. Love and hugs,

Your journey reminds me how important faith is. Your ability to rely on His strength amazes me and your willingness to share inspires me. Sending continued prayers for strength, comfort and grace.

Betsy, I’ve just learned about your medical issues. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. You ARE a trooper, though. Happy anniversary and my thoughts are with you. All the best.

prayers and blessing to you and your family. you have touched so many lives – may you continue on your journey of health and helping others.

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