Timeline update

Timeline update

Timeline as of 4/10/18

Checked into hospital, got PICC line for meds and began

Thursday April 5 day 1 of chemo

Friday April 6 day 2 of chemo

Saturday April 7 day 3 of chemo

Sunday April 8 day 4 of chemo

Monday April 9 day 5 of cheno

Tuesday April 10 A day of various prep drugs and treatments to accept my stem cells back into my body.


TRANSPLANT DAY Tuesday April 11th at 10:30 Chicago time I get my stem cells back. and many call this day my new Birthday.  It is actually my 1/2 Birthday.

Wednesday April 12th to April 21th or longer ????? Get immune system built back up so I can head to condo to heal here a week then back to Colorado and let the new life begin.



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