Stem Cell Transplant Day

Stem Cell Transplant
Betsy Craig Betsy Craig

Betsy Day 0 [My New Birthday, April 11, 2018]
They say its my NEW birthday.  A brand new start to my immune system however it feels like just another Wednesday to me. Maybe all the gowns and lab coats, the big container being rolled into my hospital room or the seriousness of it all should set a different stage. It doesn’t change how I am feeling. Excited, relieved I am final at this place ready to rock and roll the next phase of this Stem Cell Transplant.

As the team does rounds in the early morning of April 11th I inform them they are making a major new dividing line in my life.  A true before and after.

Remove stem cells from frozen container

I will forever remember this particular day before and after.  Nothing will be the same for me. Nothing. It will be a new parting of the pieces of my life.  No idea how profound it will be. 

Thaw Stem Cells

I am simply stepping up to do my part.  Completely my part and from there my body and this amazing medical team will do the rest.


Professional Stem Cell Transplant office reads and confirms numbers to make sure those cells are in fact, Mine


RN Blanca double checks the identification of the stem cells as mine.

& Triple Check as this step CAN NOT be undone

Stem Cells loaded into admin device and pumped into me


Life altering Stem Cells going back into my body. Took about 30 minutes in total to put back 10.4 million brand new Betsy produced cells


Top shelf care the entire way. Like no other.

5 thoughts on “Stem Cell Transplant Day

  1. Nelly

    God bless Betsy. U r so brave n courageous. I love ur spirit, ur faith, n ur Smile. I’m Nelly, a friend of Kathleen. I’m following in ur footsteps. I go into the hospital May 2 n transplant will be May 10th God willing. Continue smiling… u r very special in God’s eyes. I wish u the best!

    1. Betsy Craig

      Betsy Craig

      Praying for you as well Nelly. All the best.

  2. Aily Bott

    Wow! So interesting. Rest well Betsy!

  3. Anne

    So so so very exciting!
    Thanks for chronicling your journey!
    Much 🧡 and many 😘s

  4. Tracey

    Happy New Birthday Betsy!! You’re courage is inspiring! Enjoy the attention and care you are receiving. 💓

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